Going back to my roots

Aka why I became natural 😀

It all started back in 2014. I was sitting on the edge of the bathtub talking to my little cousin (while breastfeeding my newborn~a key part of the storyShe was telling me about how she was transitioning and I was intrigued. See, I had heard a bit about this so called movement but never looked into. Well it came time for me to get a relaxer. I didn’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals affecting my pregnancy, ironic huh, and my roots needed a touch up. So I got all my materials set out, then breastfed and put my daughter down for a nap. I was ready for that creamy crack to do its job honey; or so I thought. Halfway through the application, my daughter woke up and was ready for her milk. Not knowing what to do, I stopped mid application to feed my baby. As I was doing so several thoughts ran through my head; I know this stuff burns my skin so what will happen to my daughters skin, I really hope this relax don’t fall of my head and hit her, and I hope doesn’t fall out from the relaxer being in to long. That day was the last day day of my relationship with the creamy crack. I started researching tips for natural hair care and haven’t looked back since.


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