Why Sally Beauty Supply is my go to store for my hair care products

Everyone has their choice store for getting their hair products from. With stores like Walmart and Target expanding their natural hair selections at a somewhat discounted price who would want to go anywhere else right? Well Sally’s has a little loyalty program too with their beauty supply card. It’s $5 for a year of discounts, but that’s not my reason either. My favorite thing is their ‘love it or return it’ policy. Basically, if one day you decide to go out on whim and try something new and it doesn’t work out for you just take it back. As long as it’s not half way gone, read that on some forum a while back but who will use up that much if it’s not working for them, they’ll take it back. With a receipt within 60 days you’ll get the original form of payment back, or just exchange it for another product. Without the receipt, or after 60 days, you’ll get store credit.  I know Walmart does refunds/store credit and all, but I think they have a limit to the number of times a person can return things. Sally beauty has no limit (cue Usher ‘No Limit’ lol)! Plus once you tested out an amazing product, if it’s cheaper elsewhere you can just pick it up from that store. It totally takes out that guessing, hoping, and wishing phase. So next time you want to check out a product that you’ve heard/read great reviews from, head to Sally beauty and utilize the “Love it or Return it” guarantee.




******This is not a sponsored or paid review of Sally Beauty. All thoughts/opinions are of my own accord


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