Things I wish I knew when I decided to transition

There are steps and processes to everything. I mean have you ever seen someone suddenly become famous overnight? Like they had to put some work in before they got to that stage. It’s the same when you make a choice to become natural. People either choose to jump head first and do a big chop, or they choose to transition and see results slowly.

I chose to transition, at first anyways. See my plan was to keep my length and slowly go through the process. Which brings me to my first point: Transitioning is a slow process. I’m a pretty patient person, usually lol. But as the days and months passed I found myself counting down to a big chop date. Seeing videos on YouTube of all these amazing styles made me want to try them. And I did. On my half natural and relaxed hair. Needless to say I was disappointed and found myself in the bathroom mirror cutting every strand of relaxed hair I saw.

Seeing these naturals brought me to Hair Envy. See nobody really tells you that you’re not gonna get that ah-mazing shiny and bouncy twist out from the video you just watched. But you have to remind yourself that you’re just beginning and those same wonderful naturalistas that seem as if they never have a bad hair day started out where you did. So don’t worry, you’ll get there.

Through trial and error you’ll find what works for you. In my early days I found out that magical wide tooth comb and a tangle teaser was not for me. I swear I did almost th same amount of damage as that creamy crack. Ok maybe I’m over exaggerating but it was pretty bad. I also found that me trying to blow dry my hair dry was a big no no. I found out what works best for me and my hair flourished.

One size fits all is so not the case when it comes to product selection. Just because that amazing smelling leave-in works for one of your hair crushes does not mean it’s going to treat you the same way honey. Let me tell you those products do discriminate. I’ve been through my share of products in my little two years of being natural.

Most important of all have fun with it. If you stress out because you can’t make something work. The end result will be you going back to what’s easiest, that stuff with the strong chemical odor in a jar. Just remember to stay focused. If you have to, do a protective style and do research. There are a ton of vloggers out there that went through the same thing but documented it on video so another fellow natural wouldn’t have to struggle as much as they did. There’s help everywhere, all you have to do is ask or search for it.

Happy styling.


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