Tips for transitioning

There is a choice you make upon becoming natural. Either you big chop, which involves cutting all your hair off and starting fresh, or you transition. Most individuals that decide to transition most likely don’t want to give up the length of their hair that they already have. Whatever the reason, the end result is the same. Here are some tips to help you through your transition.

  • When you have the two different hair textures, your natural hair and your relaxed hair, treat you relaxed hair as if it’s already natural.
  • On wash day, it is so helpful to put your hair into sections. I remember when I just washed my hair like when I had a head full of relaxed hair and let me tell you, the tangles almost made me give up.
  • Invest in a detangling tool. You could use a wide tooth comb, a deman brush, or your fingers. Using your fingers helps you feel and pinpoint each tangle and knot.
  • Get a cheap conditioner to aid in detangling. Vo5 is a good one along with suave, tresemme, and Aussie moist.
  • Water is your friend. Part of transitioning is keeping your hair moisturized. If you fail to do that, you might as well do a big chop. Dry hair, if not cares for properly, will lead to breakage.
  • Research oils and butters and there uses. You’ll need a good sealant to keep all that moisture locked in.
  • To get a boost of moisture, try the max hydration method. You can find the steps here:
  • Find a great leave-in. This will help keep the hair moisturized. A good leave-I’m doesn’t have to be applied every day; that will let you know that particular leave-I’m isn’t for your hair.
  • You don’t technical need a lot of products when starting out. Some basic products will be a sulfate free shampoo, conditioner (if you plan to co-wash), deep conditioner, leave-in, and an oil or butter.
  • If you find yourself getting frustrated, try a protective style. This gives you and your hair a break and will also help with growth retention. But don’t forget to apply a moisturizer so your hair doesn’t get super dry, it will defeat the purpose of protecting the hair.
  • Most important, listen to your hair. If you use a product and your hair feels uber dry, stop using it. Your hair will tell you what it likes.

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