Wash day routine

So in order to have healthy hair, you gotta get rid of the product buildup. When you got products on top of products, it’s hard for the hair to receive proper moisture. Sounds weird right? Well what happens when you put Vaseline on your skin and then water? The water just sits on top and doesn’t get a chance to seep in. It’s the same thing with your hair. So anyways, you’ll have to figure out whether you’re a shampoo person or a co-wash person. When using a Clarifying shampoo , it’s best to follow up with conditioner or deep conditioner. Co-wash, or conditioner wash, is exactly what it sounds like, washing with conditioner. There are co-washes that are especially formulated for cleansing the hair essentially without stripping the hair of natural oils. ( There are other ways to cleanse the hair, such as a clay wash, using baking soda, or apple cider vinegar. )

So after you figure out your cleansing method, you can either follow with a leave-in conditioner or a deep conditioner. From here while you have either one coating the hair it’s best to detangler. Never detangle when the hair is dry because it can lead to breakage. You can use a wide tooth comb, a Denman brush, your fingers, or another detangling tool. After applying leave-in, use an oil or butter to trap that moisture in the hair strands. Just remember a wash day shouldn’t really take all day to do, just washing without styling.


Many wash day consists of a co-wash, followed by a deep conditioner and I sometimes steam my hair while the deep conditioner is in, apply a leave-in and detangler. I then will apply my oil mixture to my scalp and massage it in then down the strands, then I style. In the winter months, I have my own butter mix that I apply to help retain moisture.

Tell me about you wash routine.


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