Edges away!

Not really though.

Have you been styling your hair and happened to notice that your edges are starting to get snatched?  Then you try to remember how they even started thinning in the first place.

Usually, when people think of thinning edges they ultimate think of too tight braids or weaves. That is most definitely not the case. I remember one day when I glanced in the mirror and noticed my edges starting to thin. I was like ‘oh no honey what is going on?’ I thought it was coming from my bonnet. So instead on having the bonnet tucked behind my ears, I started to pull it down half way on my forehead covering my ears. Let me tell you, I thought I was doing something but the problem still persisted. It wasn’t until I was washing my face one morning that I figured out the problem. The damn towel. Yes, my little towel that I used to dry my face was the culprit. See, while I was drying my face I noticed I was running out the soap in my hairline. 😱 That was the last day of that. From then on out, I made sure to pat my hairline and not rub. Once I stopped that, and with massage my edges with Jamaican black castor oil, my edges came back like they never left. So while having super tight hairstyles will lead to loss of edges, our beauty routines can also hinder the growth as well.

To keep certain hairstyles from thinning the edges, make sure that whoever is styling your hair isn’t pulling to tight. No one should have a hard time going to sleep after getting braids or twists installed. Like, if you can’t comfortably lay your head down, then your style is too tight and can lead to thinning hair not only at the hairline but all over as well. Since you are paying someone for a service, you should be able to ask them to not pull so tightly. There’s a way to make sure that our style isn’t loose without compromising the health of our hair.


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