You need to cut it✂️

Well, take a little off the top.

This is one of the questions a person asks pertaining to their hair, “when do I cut my ends?” There’s no simple answer to it, because the answer varies depending on your situation/problem.

When moisturizing the hair, most product labels will state ‘start at the ends…’ The ends of our hair are the oldest parts. Depending on how curly/coily the hair is will determine how much or if the hair’s natural oil reaches the ends. Which ultimately results in the health of our ends. When are ends are well taken care of, less trims are needed. When they aren’t, well it can lead to breakage, split ends, and fairy knots.

If the hair is about shoulder length, and you constantly where it down, there’s a good chance that there is friction between the clothing and the ends. No matter how well the hair is moisturized, the constant rubbing will lead to breakage and split ends. If left untreated, the damage will work its way further up the strand. Eventually causing you to cut off more hair than you wanted to, and defeating any hair growth goals.

Another way of knowing when to cut your ends is if they are thinner in diameter to the rest of the hair. When braiding or twisting, the hair should have the same amount of thickness from top to bottom. To retain length, cut right way it starts to taper. Also, when cutting fairy knots, or single strand knots, cut directly above it.

A couple of tips:

  • you shouldn’t need to trim more than a centimeter or two. Anything more and your basically giving yourself a haircut.
  • Use hair scissors, cuticle scissors, or eyebrow scissors. They are made for cutting hair, and have the right blades to not cause further damage.
  • when trimming natural hair, it’s best to do it on stretched hair so you can see exactly which strands need to go. You can cut the hair when wet, but it will be harder since we all know hair is most curly when wet
  • you can trim your own hair, it’ll take practice to get it down to a science but it’s really not that hard and you can most definitely control how much is eliminated. Or, you can get a professional to do it.



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