DIY (Sorry no recipes this time)

Are you one of those people who love to mix up their own hair masks and butters or do you just give it the side eye?

Making your own products can be simple and easy, but it does take time ~really, not really~.  There are three kinds of people

  • product makers that do a ton of reserve when making their products
  • product makers who would rather have an already made recipe
  • People who just want the product already packaged and ready to use

None of those categories are bad or better than the other. It just depends on a person’s preference and rather they have the time to invest. A lot of working people just rather not take time out of their already limited days to make a product for their hair. Especially when there are perfectly formulated, finished products on the shelves. Another reason why someone would want to make their own products is to save money. Which is understandable, for those heavy handed naturals who really has the extra money to be buying products every week? Or, as a naturalista, maybe you just want all natural and organic products. They want to know exactly what is going in their hair and they want to be able to pronounce all the ingredients. People who do a lot of research typically go on to having their own product lines, whether it’s in every major store or it’s just an Internet business.

There are a ton of recipes out there that have the simplest ingredients and can be made in minutes. So even if your not a person who typically likes to make their own products, just try it once. You might like it. In the upcoming days I’ll post some really good oils and butters and some of their benefits.


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