Caring for your hair while in braids or twists

There’s a slight routine you have to do when putting your hair in a protective style. Especially if you’re going to be adding any kind of hair to your own to achieve the desired style.  Extra moisture has to be added to the hair, so the protective style isn’t counterproductive. Here’s the steps that I do to prepare my hair for twist with hair extensions.

  • I first shampoo my hair to get rid of any product buildup and to start on a fresh canvas. You want to have clean hair to begin with so the style will last longer and also so the hair isn’t being weighed down by the products that were put in before the style and after the style is applied.
  • I then do a protein treatment to strengthen the hair. I use Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. This helps the hair withstand the weight of the added hair.
  • I add a moisturizing deep conditioner for the added moisture of course.
  • I add my leave in conditioner and strangle my hair. I usually twist or braid my hair to stretch and air dry, since I like to use minimum heat.
  • When I begin putting the hair in, I add my butter mix for the last bit of added moisture before I start with my braids or twists.

Now, here’s when people usually screw up. After all that preparation, they just let the braids sit and don’t do anything with them but throw it up in a ponytail or however else they wear them. So when the hair is taken out, instead of seeing some growth retention, they are left with broken strands that are probably worse than before the protective style. It’s important to use at least a light oil, leave in, or a mixture of both to keep the moisture levels up. I use a combination of oils and butters mixed in a spray bottle to keep my hair from drying out. I also wash my hair with the extensions in about every 2 weeks. In between I use a Ors herbal cleanse dry shampoo. It has a gel consistency and is easy to apply. There are other dry shampoos thy are sprayed on. Using this routine, when I take my hair down it’s soft and full of moisture ( unlike when I first started getting braids my hair would be dry and just ugh). Also, I have that length retention that I was going for.

The length time to keep braids in is 4-6 weeks. I keep mine in longer because of the process that I do. After washing my hair, I redo it and apply more butter mix to each section after removing the shed hairs. This allows me to keep my style in at least 3-5 months or until I’m ready for a change. Hope this was helpful…



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